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At Cape Cars, we take pride in matching our friends in the Cape Girardeau Area with quality pre-owned vehicles. We’ve grown up here, and are passionate about doing right by our neighbors…Pricing our cars fairly and educating folks about automobiles. It’s our belief that the car-buying experience should be focused on finding the right car. Cape Cars promise is that customers will leave feeling like they’ve paid a fair price for a great vehicle without going through the hassle of price negotiations or commissioned sales people. Cape Cars offers a wide range of payment options to help customers get into the vehicle they really want (including cryptocurrency). To ensure our vehicles live up to the highest standards, Cape Cars has two in-house mechanics that will make sure each vehicle is in purchase ready condition before we show it to our customers. Plus, we include a 3 month-3000 mile warranty with every vehicle we sell. Additional, we are available by text message 24/7.
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